On the road

trailer tyres

On the road

Trailer tyres

Designed for improved tread wear, fuel savings, excellent retread ability and exceptional traction for the trailer’s driver confidence

Poids lourd sur autoroute

Background picture long-distance freight haulage Freight transport

Poids lourd sur autoroute

Our most fuel-efficient trailer tyres

Reduce rolling resistance and increase fuel economy.
Discover our tyres designed for fuel savings, durability, and exceptional traction for driver confidence.

Un pneu en phase de recreusage en usine

Edito regrooving hero image Freight transport Help and Advice

Un pneu en phase de recreusage en usine

Why regroove a tyre?

New tread patterns to extend the life of your tyres.

long lasting performance picture

Our adapted offers for long lasting performance trailer tyres

Michelin is always committed to developing and improving our tyre performances, we help you save time and money

Rechapage d'un pneu en atelier

Edito picture regrooving retreading visit hamburg Freight transport Help and Advice

Rechapage d'un pneu en atelier

Why retread a tyre?

A new tread profile to extend the life of your tyres

trailer tires safety

Our best offers to drive safe and be on time

The success of your business depends on your commercial vehicle.
You can’t lose time; you should keep driving in all weather and on all terrains!

key vi oncall


Michelin breakdown assistance, 24/7, throughout Australia.

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