background photo mining 2 full mining and quarries
background photo mining 2 full mining and quarries


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Your productivity and safety at the centre of our concerns

Michelin proposes "Civil Engineering" tyres for all types of machines used in surface and underground mining and in quarries. Today, seven industrial sites are devoted to the manufacture of these tyres designed to help improve your productivity. Several of our technological innovations are aimed at improving safety, and our range of services, continually being extended, help to reinforce this initiative.

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Our tyres and solutions for surface mining sites.

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Our tyres and solutions for underground mining sites.

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Edito Photo quarry Mining and quarries

Chargeuse dans une carrière


Our tyres and solutions for quarry sites.

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Our services and solutions

Across the world, our customers display similar needs: to improve productivity, to reduce operating costs, to improve site safety levels for both workers and equipment, all the while preserving the environment.

In order for Michelin tyres to achieve their full performance potential, our teams place their expertise at your disposal, together with tools for analysing and improving driving conditions on site. Thus the choice of tyres can be adapted to your particular working conditions and their day-to-day use can be optimised.

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