Gamme pneu minning MICHELIN

Background minning construction Mining and quarries

Gamme pneu minning MICHELIN

Surface mines

MICHELIN, the productivity partner preferred by the world’s largest mines

The expertise that goes into Michelin Civil Engineering tyres and its position as market leader means we strive for excellence in terms of innovation, performance, resistance and long service life. The superior durability, the pattern and the choice of rubber grades perfectly adapted to the conditions of use and speed of MICHELIN Civil Engineering tyres have a direct impact on the mine’s productivity and will make the difference compared with competitors. Required to operate over very extended periods, up to 23 hours a day, these tyres are subjected to heavy demands on extreme terrain. They must therefore be of unfailing reliability and guarantee maximum safety for their users.

The MICHELIN XDR 3 tyre in action:

MASTER XDR 3 - Master in English - Clip version 1080p

Our services and solutions

To back up the widest range of tyres in the market, Michelin offers solutions adapted to the extreme conditions of surface mines with quality technical support and the widest range of services on the market. Indeed, the best tyre is nothing without the best service. Our experts and our simulation and analysis tools help you to make the best use of your tyres and improve your productivity.

Rigid Dump Truck connected with it ecosystem

Surface Mining Services


Tips and recommendations

Tyres for mines must be adapted to your use, conditions of use and ground types. Be sure to make the best choice and have all the information for optimal maintenance (maintenance, storage, repair)!


Pressure Advisor

Adapted pressure to all circumstances ensures the optimisation of a tyre’s service life and performance. With our tool, Pressure Advisor, find the right pressures for all your machines.

Edito photo mining underground 2 Mining and quarries

Underground mines

Our tyres and solutions for underground mining sites.

Yellow articulated dump truck in action

Edito photo adtloader quarry Help and Advice

Yellow articulated dump truck in action


Our tyres and solutions for quarry sites.

The world leader in the tyres-for-mines market, Michelin offers a wide range adapted to all customers’ situations and machines: off-road skip trucks, enormous surface loaders, dumpers weighing over 100 tonnes, etc. Having invented the world’s biggest tyre, “the 63-inch”, which revolutionised the surface mining dumper market, Michelin will always have the product solution.

But Michelin is also a precursor in innovative services with its MEMS (Michelin Earthmover Management System) technology, the first electronic tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system with GPS tracking of your vehicles... the whole system being continuously supported by our teams of recognised experts and the most effective tools on the market.

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