background photo van charging worker dark full corporate fleet
background photo van charging worker dark full corporate fleet

Tradesmen and Professionals

Concentrate on your business, Michelin takes care of your tyres!

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Concentrate on your business, MICHELIN takes care of your tyres!

You are independent and your business is your life. Your van is essential for the proper running of your business. When you climb into your van, it is to deliver something to customers or visit a worksite... you can’t afford to lose any time. It must run, in all weather conditions and on all types of terrain!

Your priority is your customers. The less time you have to spend dealing with the maintenance of your van, the better off you are! So you must never have the additional worry of managing your tyres and constantly wondering whether you have the right tyre adjustment!

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gamme pneu MICHELIN Agilis

agilis gamme

gamme pneu MICHELIN Agilis

The solution adapted to your activity

Find the van tyre best suited for your use:  urban or regional deliveries, on construction sites, passenger transport, in the summer, in the winter or in all weathers...

With the MICHELIN Agilis tyre range designed for vans and light trucks, you will be able to concentrate on your business and customers, whatever the weather and wherever your activity takes you. Safety on the road, fuel savings, road-handling, robustness, reduced environmental impact... we are eager to be at your side both on a daily basis and in the key stages of your professional career.

In need of tyres for a vehicle of the "light truck" type (rigid truck / straight truck)? Discover our ultra-versatile solution with the MICHELIN X® MULTI™:

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