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The pressure calculation tool for farm vehicles

Select a machine type, its operating specifications, and how you need to use it, and we will calculate the most suitable tyre pressure for you!

3D modeling of a tractor and a slurry trailer equipped with a remote inflation system (CTIS)

3D modeling of a tractor and a slurry trailer equipped with a remote inflation system (CTIS)

Go further by easily adjusting your tyre pressure on the move with CTIS (Central Tyre Inflation System)


1. The Tyre pressure recommendations coming from this Pressure Advisor are cold inflation pressure recommendations, based on a reference ambient temperature of 18°C. If actual ambient temperatures are below 10°C or above 25°C, then an adjustments to the cold inflation pressure should be applied. Mining Trucks utilising a TPMS system typically have this adjustment criteria built in. We recommend customers contact their Michelin representative for a tailored/site specific recommendation.

2. Usage conditions (eg. Flat High Speed or Undulating Road) can call for a higher pressure than suggested by the Pressure Advisor. To ensure the correct inflation pressure for the usages conditions, we recommend customers consult their Michelin representative.


The information provided on this website are disclosed as such without any warranty whatsoever, express, expressed, tacit or implied. Michelin reserves the right to modify or amend the content of the website at any time, without further prior notice.

Recommended pressure information are given on an indicative basis only, for Tyres fitted on standard vehicles under normal conditions of use. Under no circumstances will Michelin be held liable for any damage, direct or indirect, of any nature, resulting either from the use of the information contained on the present website, or resulting from an abnormal use of its products. If you wish to be provided with more specific recommended pressure information, please indicate specific elements regarding your vehicle, Tyres used as well as the conditions of use by clicking on the link below. Michelin will not be held liable for any damage resulting from the supply of recommended pressure information based on inaccurate data entry.

Tyre pressure indications given by the Pressure Advisor Tool for recorded Machine models are subject to modification following an update brought by Michelin to the content and/or version of the Pressure Advisor Tool. Michelin also reserves the right to revise pressure recommendations mentioned by the Pressure Advisor Tool following a field inspection of machine equipment and/or tire working conditions performed by a Michelin Representative. Such revisions would then prevail over indications given by the Pressure Advisor TooL.

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