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Michelin breakdown assistance, 24/7, throughout Australia


In the event of an incident on Australian roads, a simple call sets everything in motion, allowing you to:

  • Receive a quick response from our closest Michelin service provider
  • Be updated on progress of your case every 20 minutes
  • Obtain a resolution to your problem straight where you are. No need to come to us, our Michelin service provider will come to you.
  • Receive a detailed incident report once we got you back on the road

A cost with no nasty surprises

Our pricing is based on your needs and available nationally. Here is our standards service offer.

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If you wish to see our entire pricing options please contact us or ask your Michelin Account Manager for more information.

Oncall : chauffeur qui repart rapidement

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Oncall : chauffeur qui repart rapidement

A controlled response time

On average, in Australia with Michelin Active Assistance service you will be back on the road in 2hrs 29mins thanks to our network of responsive professionals committed to meeting Michelin’s quality of service standards (repairs to be organised on the roadside or in the nearest centre).

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