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Guide To Choosing The Best Sustainable Tyres For Your Van & Truck

Published on 8 February 2023 - 2 minute(s) read

In today's transportation landscape, the environmental impact of vehicles is a growing concern. Among the various components influencing environmental sustainability, tyres play a significant role.

Understanding the environmental impact and longevity of your van or truck tyres is crucial for minimizing waste and reducing carbon emissions.

Let's explore the key criteria to consider when selecting environmentally friendly van tyres, with insights from Stéphane Lam, Marketing Product Manager for Michelin’s Urban Business Line.

The Importance of Sustainability for the Tyre Industry

Michelin is leading the charge in revolutionizing the tyre industry by pledging to produce all sustainable tyres by 2050.

But what defines a sustainable tyre? For Michelin, it's not just about using recycled or renewable materials; tyres must have minimal environmental impact throughout their lifecycle.

This includes lasting performance from the first mile to the tread wear limit to reduce material usage and energy consumption, offering top safety performance, and being suitable for mass production.

Michelin's approach involves a lifecycle analysis, focusing on reducing environmental and social impact across tyre design, manufacturing, use, and recycling.

With initiatives like improving rolling resistance, agricultural waste, investing in alternative transportation, and integrating renewable or recycled materials, Michelin is committed to creating a greener future for tyre production and usage.


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Benefits of Sustainable Tyres:

Reduced Carbon Emissions: Enhancing fuel efficiency and advocating for low rolling resistance, sustainable tyres contribute to diminished carbon emissions from vehicles, aiding in climate change mitigation and enhancing air quality.

Resource Conservation: Utilizing renewable and recycled materials, eco-friendly tyres lessen dependence on finite and valuable resources, and curtail environmental impact. By adopting eco-conscious materials and production methods, these tyres foster resource preservation and sustainable practices.

Guide - Choose best tyres for van with Michelin

Cost Savings: Despite potential higher upfront costs, these types of tyres also offer long-term savings through extended lifespan and fuel efficiency. Reduced fuel consumption and fewer replacements lead to diminished overall expenses over the tyres' lifespan.

Environmental Stewardship: Opting for sustainable tyres showcases a commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability, aiding in the preservation of natural resources for future generations.

Regulatory Compliance: With tightening environmental standards, sustainable tyres help meet eco-friendly requirements and initiatives, aligning tyre manufacturers with corporate social responsibility objectives and showcasing a dedication to sustainability.

How to choose sustainable tyres for your van and truck?

Criteria 1: Longevity for Reduced Waste

The longevity of a tyre directly correlates with waste reduction.

The MICHELIN Agilis 3 tyre is designed with this exact savings for sustainability in mind, delivering up to 25% more mileage.

Manufacturers are now exploring connected tyre technology to enhance predictive maintenance, ensuring tyres last longer.

This advancement will soon be available for utility vehicles and light trucks, promising extended tyre lifespan and reduced waste generation.

Criteria 2: Rolling Resistance & Compatibility with Electric Vehicles

With the imminent transition to electric vehicles in Europe by 2035, tyre compatibility is critical. Factors such as the additional weight of batteries and electric engine torque accelerate tyre wear.

Choosing tyres with good rolling resistance is essential to optimize vehicle autonomy while maintaining performance and safety standards.

Michelin is at the forefront of developing innovative light-truck tyres compatible with electric vehicles, ensuring sustainable mobility for the future.

Criteria 3: Robustness for Urban Environments

In urban settings where vans face intense usage and harsh conditions, robust tyres are paramount.

Michelin's MICHELIN Agilis 3 tyre features reinforced rubber sidewall protectors designed to withstand impacts and challenges encountered in urban environments.

Its reinforced casing is specifically engineered to meet the demands of urban usage and road conditions, prolonging tyre life and minimizing premature disposal.

Criteria 4: All-Season Versatility

Traditionally, tyre choices for light trucks and utility vehicles were limited to summer and winter options. However, Michelin's introduction of the MICHELIN Agilis 3 tyre revolutionized this with an all-season solution.

This tyre delivers exceptional performance on both wet and dry roads, longevity, and robustness suitable for urban use. Michelin integrates advanced innovative compounds to reduce rolling resistance, enhance safety, while minimizing fuel consumption.

Driving Sustainable Practices

Manufacturers are actively pursuing sustainable solutions in tyre production. Michelin leads this charge, aiming for 40% sustainable materials in all tyre components by 2030 and 100% sustainability by 2050.

By integrating recycled, bio-sourced, and renewable materials, we're pioneering a greener future.

Choosing environmentally friendly van tyres is crucial for reducing carbon footprints. Michelin prioritizes sustainability to ensure a cleaner transportation industry.

Sustainability is central to Michelin's mission. By minimizing our environmental impact, we secure a resilient tyre industry and a healthier planet. Join us in shaping a sustainable future with Michelin Tyres.



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How are sustainable Tyres different from conventional Tyres?

Sustainable tyres represent a paradigm shift in tyre manufacturing, embodying Michelin's commitment to environmental stewardship.

Unlike conventional tyres, which often rely heavily on non-renewable resources, sustainable tyres integrate renewable and recycled materials.

By prioritizing eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, sustainable tyres minimize environmental impact while delivering optimal performance and safety on the road.

Are sustainable Tyres as durable and safe as traditional Tyres?

Michelin's sustainable tyres are engineered to uphold the highest standards of durability and safety. Rigorous testing and innovative design techniques ensure that these tyres deliver exceptional performance throughout their lifespan.

Whether it's navigating urban streets or traversing long distances on highways, Michelin's sustainable tyres offer unmatched reliability and safety for drivers.

Can sustainable Tyres be recycled? 

Michelin is at the forefront of tyre recycling efforts, ensuring that sustainable tyres can be effectively recycled at the end of their life cycle.

Through advanced recycling technologies and collaboration with recycling partners, Michelin extracts valuable materials from end-of-life tyres to create new tyres or other applications, contributing to a circular economy and minimizing waste.

Are sustainable Tyres more expensive than conventional Tyres?

While sustainable tyres may have a slightly higher initial cost compared to conventional tyres, they offer significant long-term benefits.

Through enhanced durability, fuel-saving features, and environmental advantages, Michelin's sustainable tyres provide drivers with cost-effective solutions that align with their sustainability goals.

Are sustainable Tyres available for all types of vehicles?

Michelin is committed to offering sustainable tyre solutions across a wide range of vehicle categories. From passenger cars and trucks to vans and specialized vehicles like electric cars, Michelin's sustainable tyres cater to diverse mobility needs.

As sustainability remains a core focus for Michelin, we continue to expand our sustainable tyre offerings to support sustainable mobility solutions worldwide.


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