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Edito effitires man in front of his statement Freight transport

Edito effitires man in front of his statement Freight transport

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We will work with you to understand your operations requirements to recommend and deliver a bespoke offer that manages all of your tyre requirements. From tyre supply to stock management, inspection and pressure maintenance we will deliver you a sustainable tyre and service package. And of course compliance is guaranteed.

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We’ll be with you, every step along the way. We will share monthly key data; You can optimise your resources, simplify your tasks and gain productivity. Regular contract reviews will take place so that we can move forward together.

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What’s more we’ve got you covered. If you do experience a tyre related breakdown our Michelin Active Assistance service gives you the support of our partner Service Providers across Australia.


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Emergency road service, 24/7, throughout Australia.

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