La gestion des pneumatiques avec MICHELIN TIRE CARE

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La gestion des pneumatiques avec MICHELIN TIRE CARE


Facilitate your integrated workshop’s tyre management with the help of digital diagnosing tools

Discover the offer and its advantages:

You manage a fleet of more than fifty vehicles with an integrated workshop. With MICHELIN TIRE CARE, you can efficiently manage your tyres, calculate the remaining tread depths and check the pressure of your tyres. MICHELIN TIRE CARE helps the planning of your tyre maintenance operations. You can monitor your stock and thus anticipate and optimise your tyre budget.

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In just five minutes, your workshop carries out an inspection of a vehicle’s tyre pressure, wear and condition, whatever the brand.

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Your workshop takes action sooner on the vehicle concerned, thanks to an alert system concerning the operations to be carried out.

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With the reports, your workshop can now anticipate the tasks to be carried out, such as pressure adjustment, regrooving, reversal on the rim... and also forecast tyre requirements.

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You have the essential data for optimising your budget and tyre stock management.


1 dépannage évité tous les 1 000 000 km

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1 dépannage évité tous les 1 000 000 km

Breakdown avoided every 1 000 000 km

1mm de gomme supplémentaire à user

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1mm de gomme supplémentaire à user

Tyre wear optimisation

1% de consommation de carburant en moins

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1% de consommation de carburant en moins

Lower fuel consumption

Estimation of the potential gains from the regular use of MICHELIN TIRE CARE and consequent tyre management actions. Estimations based on an internal simulation carried out in Michelin’s centre of research and technology

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